The following is a list of articles and books I have read on the subject of ancient glass. I have studied this source material and to the best of my abilities distilled the essence of this through studio experimentation. This has led to new insight and the production of my video which is an attempt on my part to share with you the thousands of hours I have spent working with this material.

I am lucky that I have been driven to this work through an inner voice; it is my passion. I have received not one dime in grant money and I work for no one other than myself so there is no exterior master. It is a simple relationship. As I look back on this phase of my life I can say this was a very exciting time of discovery and it had its own rewards.

If you are a serious student of ancient glass please avail yourself of this material. It will help you understand ancient glass from a "hands-on" perspective. If you see that I've missed something, please speak up. I always enjoy new sources of inspiration as well as comments and criticism from fellow ancient glass enthusiasts.

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